Science Centers

A monastic science center is a community space in a monastery or nunnery. It serves as a central hub for monastics to learn science and further discourse with western science. Each center is meant to be a place rich in good, authentic science. These centers are building their capacity to launch thoughtful activities that engage their community with global world of science and technology.

List of Centers

  • Dharamsala
  • Bir
  • Solan
  • Dehradun
  • Mundgod
  • Hunsur
  • Bylakuppe


Sager Science Leadership Institute

Since 2008, the Sager Science Leadership Institute has trained monks and nuns to be leaders of science education and engagement. Monastics trained by the program create new learning opportunities. (more..)

Sera Jey Science Center_2013_July_Opening_001Science Center Grants

In addition to supporting core programing, grants to individual centers encourage creative projects that extend the reach of the center, projects that integrate modern science and/or technology with Buddhist knowledge.


A platform for multi-year partnerships between monastics centers and Western and Indian scientists.

SagerScienceLeadership2014_012Teaching Mentorship

One-on-one coaching with veteran Western faculty and monastic science leaders.